From Origami to Crystals

This weekend I was looking through the posted chapter on origami for project 3. I quickly noticed that the vocabulary in the origami book is the same as what I am learning about in my engineering class on crystallography. This connection makes me very happy as I believe science and art often overlap more than we realize. The origami book talks about how translational, glide, mirror, and rotational symmetries can be combined in different ways to folded paper motifs (a repeated element) to create beautiful patterns. In my class, we talked about how different types of symmetries can be applied to motifs (in this case, motifs refer to atoms or groups of atoms) to create a crystal structure. Although the crystals we learn about in class are often plain looking, different symmetry patterns can result in crystals that are absolutely stunning. Here is a link to a photo gallery of some amazing minerals and crystals that show the beauty of symmetry and nature!

80 Extremely Beautiful Minerals And Stones

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