Pimple Popping Videos

As an option for my group’s Project 4: Public Art work, we considered (and ruled out) projecting endless streams of “strangly satisfying” ASMR videos that include content such as playing with slime, soap cutting, hot knife cutting, slow hydraulic smashing, and industrial shredding. I am personally a junkie for these videos, but the one subsection of this phenomenon that I cannot watch are pimple popping videos. Hyperallergic interviewed the most well-known of the pimple poppers, Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) to find out why these videos are so popular. In her opinion, the videos are so satisfying because they express some mastery over the imperfections of the human body, with the videos allowing the viewer to simultaneously getting to feel like the popper and the popped.

Read the full article here, but WARNING: there are gross pictures and videos embedded in the article.

Image result for dr. pimple popper

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