‘Impulse’ Harvard Public Art Display

Impulse is a seesaw installation by a Toronto-based experimental design practice and a Montréal-based lighting consultancy. When students use the seesaws, lights and sound sequences are emitted to create art with the other surrounding seesaws using light and sound variations. This public art installation was made for the 25th anniversary celebration of Harvard’s arts program…

Principles of Animation

Basically all the information you may want in order to start thinking about animation. The video goes through all 12 principles and provides drawn examples of how they work. A great starter video to thinking more about how to animate objects or characters for the viewer. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDqjIdI4bF4


During break, I made a trip up to Boston where I accidentally stumbled upon a building which housed a mapparium exhibit while trying to keep dry from the rain. This giant glass map installation is located in the The Mary Baker Eddy Library and is quite interesting if you find the time to stop in….

Art Palette Experiment

In relation to our discussion in class about the relevance of color palettes being very important to the appearance of a design, there is a super cool website that is dedicated to all the color palettes of thousands of famous works of art. You can either choose colors you want to see or randomize to…

Vintage Advertisement Art

Thinking about all the different forms of advertisement, as was talked about last week, I found myself wanting to search for more past advertisements and see how they differ from ours today, in an artistic sense. Here is a website that sells Vintage Food & Beverage Art and scrolling through you can easily see the…