Unsent Project

Artist Rora Blue’s Unsent Project features interactive works made by feedback from anonymous participants. People choose a color that is most representative of their first love and write a short letter to that person saying something that they wish they said or that they’ve never had the chance to say. Blue then combines the color and text into a graphic with a format that is standard for all the submissions. Blue sells these prints as wall art and stickers and posts them to her personal instagram as well as to the project’s own account; often, Blue will post side-by-side comparisons of submissions that appear to be in conversation with each other. More recently, Blue has expanded the project to a new collection called After The Beep to include unsent voicemails, with which she makes mixed media pieces including the voicemail’s themselves.

Interact with her content on her website:
Or on either of her instagram accounts:
@theunsentproject , @rorablue

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