Art Events of the Week, Dec 8-14

Art: ICA x YOWIE 3rd Annual Bookshop Pop-Up at the ICA, Friday from 6-9 pmWorkshops, Saturday and Sunday 2-4 pm Second Saturday Sketch at the Rodin Museum, Saturday at 10 am Mindfulness at the Museum at the ICA, Friday at 12 pm Film: Inland Sea at 3701 Chestnut St., Monday at 7 pm

Clothes That Grow With You?!

On display until March 2020 is an incredible futuristic exhibit in the Philadelphia Museum of Art exploring the technological potential of the near future. Dreams envisioned include meat made of human cells and children’s clothing that can expand as they grow. If you have a chance when you are back in Philadelphia, Designs for Different…

By Mari Andrew

Author and illustrator Mari Andrew uniquely combines creative writing with lighthearted drawings and doodles. She uses Instagram as her main platform to share musings and thoughtful reflections on young adult life in New York City. If you haven’t seen her page, I definitely recommend checking it out!

Graffiti in Berlin

I found this on Reddit. Probably created by Shepard Fairey. I liked the design, pretty impressed by how crisp it looks.

Black and White Creatures Photograph

Belgian artist ROA creates black and white mural centered in Eurasia, Africa and America. His main purpose of his artwork is inspired by the anatomy of animals, and attempts to increase the empathy of them. This public artwork reminded me of project 5.

Glowing Sculptural Illuminations

This sculpture is a reflection of the theme “DISRUPT”- and it attempts to show pieces that illustrate climate change and technology. It reminded me of the public artwork that we did in project 5

Wildlife and Mythology

Lauren Marx is an artist who resides in Saint Louis, Missouri and she focuses on creating illustrations with watercolor, ink, pen, and colored pencils. In this series of works, she places her animals in an abstract background, intertwining images of the living and the dead. She creates a “mythological world,” inspired from North American flora…

Fantasy and Reality Illustration

David Alvarez is a Mexico-based artist who worked with a muted color palette. He focuses on creating illusions from simple graphite and charcoal, and he depicts creatures of myth and fantasy. Usually, they contain messages regarding the “social pressures and search for freedom.” He creates a fantasy world that seems odd and out of place,…

Battleship Constructions by Atsushi

Atsushi Adachi is a Japanese visual artist that creates miniature replicas of objects using newspapers and article clippings. By choosing to work with old newspapers from the past, he attempts to embody the society’s values at that time period, connecting the past and the present to an object.

Japanese Kamikara

Japanese Kamikara is pop-up art through origami. Reminded me of the paper folding aspect in the wearable design project.