The other day a friend showed me an online project to turn the McMaster-Carr website (the most boring engineering supplies site) into a curated Pinterest/Etsy style site called McMaster-Carr is a vendor that sells everything from insulated tubing to stock metal pieces to tools to denim coveralls to giant vats of Gatorade; it is located close by in Southern NJ and is a staple of Penn’s Engineering school, especially in the MEAM department. However, it’s website is one of the most un-aesthetically pleasing websites I have ever interacted with.

Another MEAM student found, on which someone took high quality photographs of people using a selection of the objects sold on McMaster and displayed them in a visually pleasing manner, with links to the original site to buy the object.

The following in a link to the new website:

With a link to McMaster for comparison:

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  1. J Rivkin says:

    Holy moly this is amazing


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