Dain Yoon’s Illusion Art

Dain Yoon is an artist from Seoul, South Korea, who creates optical illusion works on her own body using face paint, fake nails, and bits of her own hair, among other materials. She uses her body as a canvas to express her own experiences in the world as well as the diversity that can be found in all people. When asked about the inspiration for her works, Yoon says” Anything, even in very ordinary life, could be great inspirations… As long as one takes on a unique perspective.”

Her illusions series title ‘Now’ is documented as photographs and short videos on her popular instagram @designdain, which as of 9/8/19 has 581K followers.

Yoon’s Website: http://dainyoon.com/
Yoon’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/designdain/

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